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Cindy Lee Cannon, APLC | Laguna Beach Family Law Specialist

Family matters.

When your legal matter involves your family, having an experienced specialist on your side is crucial.  The decisions you make can either help you move forward in a healthy manner with contained costs, or can thrust you and your family into legal limbo with nothing but angst to show for it.

Cindy Lee Cannon is among the small number of attorneys statewide credentialed as a Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.  Ms. Cannon specializes in cases that may require court action to resolve, such as cases involving domestic violence, substance abuse, or fraud and mismanagement of community assets.  Ms. Cannon takes a strategic approach with her client from the get go to get the family out of litigation as soon as feasible, and with a positive outcome.

A good number of Ms. Cannon’s clients came to her after trying the “big firm approach” without success.  After tiring of talking only to paralegals and junior attorneys, they found having a specialist handle even what appears to be a routine matter, such as discovery, can make a big difference in the outcome of a contested case.  And, even though a specialist is doing the work, because a boutique firm’s overhead is lower, so are attorneys’ fees.  Considerably lower.  Ms. Cannon’s clients have saved tens of thousands of dollars utilizing her highly strategized approach to resolving their complex, contested family law case.

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